While we work with clients and professionals around the world, we specialize in working with U.S. citizens and residents as well as with citizens from most Latin American countries.

Many investors may be unsure of the best way to benefit from international strategies to provide asset protection, solid estate planning and achieve tax-deferral, when possible. We work with you to find a compliant, secure and robust solution that is most effective for your personal situation.

We listen to you and then identify the most appropriate solution. We look for the right jurisdiction that will provide the best protection and a compliant, efficient tax situation. Next, we identify the best providers including international attorneys, insurance professionals or a trust company. Our independence allows us to provide truly tailor-made solutions.

For professionals, we are very open to collaborating with financial advisors including estate planners, lawyers, CPAs, CFPs, bankers, and asset managers to supplement domestic planning with the most beneficial international solutions including asset management, insurance or other relevant structures.

Through our firm, and other trusted partners, we offer a wide range of comprehensive wealth solutions including:

Asset Management using Onshore and Offshore custodians

Private Placement Life Insurance

Premium financed Universal Life Insurance

Variable Annuities

Trusts and Foundations

Company Formation

International Private Gold Storage

Comprehensive Wealth Consulting for Families