1291Group of the Americas has a highly experienced and diversified investment committee. Our team guides the firm’s investment outlook and strategic decisions.

International Investment Guru & Global Analyst – Starting his career as a boots-on-the-ground frontier investor back in the early 1990s, this investment committee member has been to over 120 countries and bought and sold equities in over 30 markets. He specializes in macro-economic trends and global demographic developments. He advises on investment and economic trends as well as identifies current market opportunities globally.

Private Banker specializing in Ultra High Net-Worth Clients – After working in Russia for many years, this investment committee member is a specialist in Eastern Europe and emerging countries and the opportunities these markets present. Currently, this member creates and manages portfolios for large family offices and high net-worth international clients.

Strategic Portfolio Expert – With over twenty years of experience managing large pension funds, private family wealth and insurance portfolios for large institutional firms, this member specializes in identifying macro-investment strategies. In addition to his role with 1291Americas, this member builds and manages private portfolios for clients in Europe.

International Wealth Advisor – Trained as a lawyer, this committee member is a sought after expert in global wealth protection strategies in order to achieve tax-efficient planning and asset preservation. His ideas and input allow us to offer our investment solutions via a holistic wealth approach that considers the future transfer of assets to heirs, proper estate planning and more.

From time to time, we incorporate the views of a technical specialist who focuses on modeling and technical analysis.

This committee, led by CEO Erika Nolan, has been personally selected by the Board of Directors to bring true international experience and a broad investment scope to the firm. Our unique interdisciplinary approach brings together professionals with different areas of expertise and worldviews.