Being a diversified and dynamic investor is important in the current market environment. Each of the 1291 Group of the Americas’ portfolios is designed with a specific investment objective. Yet, we attempt to limit market volatility by lowering risk through true diversification

Currency diversification, as well as alternative assets, such as gold, other precious metals and real estate, are now more relevant than ever.

We design portfolios that we believe give investors easy diversification while continuing to include equities, bonds and cash holdings from the U.S. and other core investment markets.  Our investment committee regularly reviews U.S. dollar strength compared to other major world currencies and adjusts positions if needed.

Our current investment strategies include:

The 25/4 Portfolio – The objective of this portfolio is to provide modest growth while aiming to preserve capital through a lower risk, lower volatility asset allocation.

The Pure Income Portfolio – This portfolio focuses on generating income through a core holding of international equities.

The Futurenomics Portfolio –  This strategy was created to benefit from forward-looking investment trends and economic conditions that are likely to prevail over the next decade.

In addition to the strategies listed above, we also create individualized portfolios for those clients seeking a customized investment solution.